Real Estates

Real Estates

As part of the diversification of our portfolio, we introduced a completely new and unique offer.

Real Estates

Do you own any properties or real estate, meaning un-mobile assets? You can turn them into mobile assets! By doing so, you can take a “short cut” on the way to such a unique investment as diamonds or jewellery, which we offer. We can make this transaction in the form of a barter exchange, real estate in exchange for diamonds or jewellery assets.

Of course, the necessary condition for such a transaction is that we have to accept the real estate offered to us, which the transaction would concern. It is primarily about its appearance, condition, as well as its location and other factors that must be taken into account in order to determine whether we are interested in a given real estate. Such properties include mainly luxury residences, including manors, palaces and castles. We will be very happy to buy vineyards, but we are also interested in operating business such as luxurious hotels, as well as commercial real estate. All properties must be in very good condition. Of course, in the case of the latter, not only the real estate itself will be subject to evaluation, but also the operating business, unless, for example, the real estate in which a hotel is running will be purchased by us in order to change its purpose into a private luxury residence.

One of the conditions of the transaction is that the real estate must be free of all types of encumbrances, which will be the basis for starting the negotiations, or at least a verbal declaration by the owner of the real estate that they will present such a real estate for the transaction, and therefore, if necessary, any liabilities will be settled before the transaction. It goes without saying that this is not a problem for you, and in the majority of cases this is not the case, but we do have to mention it for ethical reasons. Some of these properties, after their purchase, we will decorate with diamond elements and later sell them to our clients, which is treated by them as a diversification of their large wealth, in addition a wealth they can be proud of, because they belong to a very elite and rare group of “Diamond Residence” owners. You can also join this group by submitting a request to us. We can also, on request, decorate your current real estate if it has such potential, which we evaluate in person, reserving the right to such an assessment, including from an artistic point of view. We customise every real estate, designs are unique and one-of-a-kind,

but we do not execute such orders in mass, so we hope that you will be understanding if we refuse to carry out such an order. Our offer is dedicated for owners of one or many properties. For ethical reasons, however, we would like to point out that upon receiving investment diamonds, the owner of only one real estate cannot expect that they will be able to sell them within a very short period of time. If the transaction value is so large that the owner of such a real estate receives an auction diamond in the settlement, then the standard waiting period for an auction of such a stone and receiving cash is about six months. Of course, this period can be shortened in many cases, but it is determined on a case by case basis. Everything depends on the value of the transaction, the size and quality of the diamond, as well as its uniqueness – the more unique and expensive the diamond, the shorter this period may be. However, as a rule, most of the transactions concern clients who do not need to sell their diamond assets in such a short period of time and who treat the transaction as a long-term investment, a form of converting un-mobile wealth into mobile wealth.

Holding and storing investment diamonds

or diamond jewellery, which can be a part of the settlement of the transaction, also means savings on real estate maintenance, fewer “problems” for the owner – an uninhabited real estate often serving only as one of the vacation residences needs to be taken care of, while on the other hand, diamonds and jewellery in a home safe or a safety deposit box at a bank means less of a “problem”, as well as minimum storage costs. There are dozens of factors that differentiate mobile assets such as investment diamonds and diamond jewellery from real estate. Each client has different reasons for diversification of their portfolio of assets or convert all their un-mobile wealth into mobile wealth, and for mobile wealth to become more desirable to them than the un-mobile wealth. We leave that decision up to you, but we are also here to advise you in these with utmost integrity and in an ethical way.