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Noble Assets

We offer you niche alternative investments based on diamonds.

Noble Assets

Thanks to us,

you will be able to multiply your wealth and secure it for yourself and future generations. Offered by us investments in unique diamond assets allow to earn high profits on a regular basis in the medium and, above all, long term perspective.

Diamonds offered by us are the best possible quality. These diamonds with the best cut parameters and its quality, they are also the cleanest diamonds, which, given that they have the best scores in our 8C – 9C scale, meet all the conditions to be considered as investment diamonds. Most of them, or at least the most expensive and unique ones, do not have any impurities, a quality that is referred to as FL – IF (Flawless – Internally Flawless). The diamonds offered by us always fit in the best purity scale, from FL-IF to VS2.

In order to properly assess the diamond and classify it as an investment, the very basic 4C parameters are insufficient. All the parameters that we define ourselves as 8C and 9C for some round brilliant cuts (including brilliance, fluorescence, cut proportions, etc.) must match this qualification, and the final decision is supported by our knowledge, historical reports and parameters of diamonds price increases that we have, as well as a number of other data, including what is very important, data on market needs in a broad scale, and thus the possibility of selling specific diamonds in a short-, medium- and long-term perspectives. What is just as important, such information concerns the possibility of selling these diamonds in various forms, including bourses and auction. Particularly in the case of coloured diamonds, this is a very important and positive factor, because many more elements, like the aforementioned 8C – 9C,

have an impact on calling such a diamond an investment diamond. Coloured investment diamonds are intended only for exceptional connoisseurs and people in possession of a very large wealth, whose status can be defined as UHNWI (Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals). The value of these unique coloured diamonds rises in the long term up to as much as several hundred percent, depending on the size of the diamond, its cut, other elements, but above all on the colour of the diamond, the uniqueness of this colour and its saturation, and thus the uniqueness effect that gives the diamond a certain specificity, which makes the diamond highly sought after by the oldest jewellery houses making the most outstanding pieces of jewellery, as well as other clients. At the same time, such a diamond has all the characteristics that allow it to become an auction diamond.

A similar increase in value

can also be achieved by colourless diamonds, but they must exhibit exceptional parameters, including the size of such a diamond, which must be at least several dozen carats, unless we are talking about a pair of diamonds, with each diamond having an identical shape and parameters and with both of them being polished from one rough diamond, which is a rarity. In this case, the size of each of these diamonds does not need to be so extremely large.

To sum up, many factors influence the selection process of colourless stones and even more so in the case of coloured diamonds, which as rough stones may be subjected to the process of refining in order to become investment diamonds. It should be noted here that, should the need arise, it is possible to exit very quickly from the investment in such diamonds or only partially exit from this investment if it comprises a larger number of diamonds, because it can easily be divided, which is the opposite, for example, of investments in real estate with long-term exit, burdened with a risk of incurring losses. What is more, real estate is indivisible – there is no way of dividing a house in such a way as to sell it in parts. With that in mind, it can be said that diamonds are not only an exceptional investment,

but they also provide great protection of one’s assets, especially in uncertain times of economic and geopolitical crises. Diamonds are also a very mobile asset as opposed to, for example, real estate. Of course, it is not always possible to select more diamonds for a specific investment amount, especially if you want to maximise your profits, since in such case, you should invest in coloured diamonds, since they are very valuable commodities, with a limited capital of up to a certain amount, it is not possible to accumulate wealth in several coloured diamonds, rather the wealth is concentrated in one specific diamond, which has exceptional parameters and features such as those mentioned above.

This situation has no negative impact on the sale of diamond assets and, unlike real estate, has several positive aspects. The more unique the diamond, the more sought after it is, and the easier it is to sell, the price does not play a role in this. This is evidenced by the price of diamonds, which go into tens of millions of dollars for a particular diamond, if, of course, it has those specific, exceptional features. So, to summarise it briefly: the more expensive the diamond, the better, the more unique and therefore the more sought after it is. Of course, said diamond needs to have all of these unique features. Real estate, especially very high value properties, can be on sale for years, and the sale of unique diamonds, like the ones discussed here, takes up to a maximum of around 6 months. If the diamonds are sold on an auction, the time of sale very often does not exceed 90 days because the gemstones are mostly sold to other specific clients, clients from the jewellery sector, namely the above mentioned oldest

manufactures or to private individuals in the “Diamond Circle”. The advantages of investment in diamonds are undeniable.Their small size accumulates in themselves extraordinary values, from aesthetic to material. In this case, we can talk about greatly mobile wealth, which also brings prestige and a feeling of luxury. Investment diamonds are a huge profit generator. The process of refinement itself leads to an increase in the value of these assets, in some cases – depending on the parameters of selected diamonds – this growth is very high from the get-go, not to mention the period of holding of these assets. The longer the diamonds are held, the higher the increase in value. Thus, investment diamonds are also an ideal capital asset, which can be used for a large number of operations in the Family Office structure (Asset Protection, Asset Allocation, Wealth Planning, Private Pension Planning, Charity & Philanthropy, etc.).

The market

for investment diamonds is an elite structure, not a mass one, therefore the rules adopted centuries ago still exist and are respected to this day. Following these rules, we offer you the opportunity to join the ranks of our clients. An additional offer that we extend to you is the possibility of moving from an investment in real estate – non-mobile assets, to investment in diamonds – mobile assets. What makes the offer interesting is the fact that you do not have to sell your properties and then purchase diamonds. We offer you a barter transaction – an exchange of your real estate for assets in the form of unique investment diamonds and unique jewellery made of such diamonds.

As we mentioned

above, real estate cannot be divided, neither is it possible to exit such an investment in stages, unlike diamonds, where the wealth may be accumulated in one or several unique diamonds, or a much larger quantity, if one wants to diversify their assets and the value of the property is very high, and therefore sufficient to make such diversification possible.

Diamonds are not only unique and ennobling assets, they are also very mobile and exceptional in terms of the possibility to exit the investment in stages, should such a need arise for the owner of the diamond assets. The value growth of diamond assets in a ten years perspective is also a non-standard and exceptional value, as the price may grow by as much as over 120% for certain colourless diamonds. In the case of colourless diamonds of very large sizes and auction parameters or unique coloured diamonds, this value may grow by up to several hundred percent. To sum up, in addition to

capital transactions for the purchase of unique diamonds or jewellery made of them, we also offer you the opportunity to make a barter transaction of your real estate in exchange for diamonds and jewellery assets, as the only entity operating on the market. In this case, our proposal is also a logical investment sequence, which can be presented in the following way – real estate, unique diamonds and jewellery, cash – according to your needs and at the time specified by you.