We offer you an investment in high quality diamond jewellery, produced in limited, individual copies by outstanding jewellers, using investment diamonds and other top-class precious stones, made using traditional jewellery craftsmanship techniques.


Our products

are dedicated to the most affluent people, for connoisseurs of highest quality jewellery, which is a work of art in itself, and therefore this offer is dedicated exclusively to people from the UHNWI group (Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals). One of the additional options, which ennobles our clients and our creations, is the possibility of making the jewellery with a name you select, which we will reserve as a trademark. This name will be legally protected for you, for decades.

This unique jewellery,

once it is in your hands, can be sold at any time, but can also remain for future generations. Of course, this jewellery is also a timeless gift. The advantages of this prestigious investment are undeniable. Such unique jewellery accumulates extraordinary value in itself, from aesthetic to material. In this case, we can speak of enormous wealth, which is extremely mobile and brings with it prestige and a feeling of exceptional luxury. By wearing such goods, worth as much as over 100 million dollars, you can easily and quickly move to the other end of the world, and thus you can easily, quickly and discreetly transfer your wealth of such enormous value. For comparison, gold worth 100 million dollars weighs over two tonnes.

If you want to concentrate your large wealth in jewellery and diamonds, than taking also into account the storage of these assets, it should be noted that they will fit in a small home safe deposit box or the smallest bank box.


Even high-level representatives of jewellery companies quoted in press articles talk about few hundred-dollar investments in jewellery/diamonds, which can never be considered as investment because they are too small and have many impurities, cut defects and other disqualifying features. By suggesting the purchase of such jewellery as an investment, these people engage in blatant abuse, because a margin on the purchase of such cheap jewellery will not allow to break even on this investment, even in several dozen years, not to mention any profits. Setting the diamonds in gold does not have any meaning and does not bring any additional value in itself, on the contrary, the margin makes it a negative value. Ordinary jewellery, even with diamonds, is not unique jewellery made of investment diamonds, it is not jewellery made by the most distinguished manufactures, who use diamonds of the finest quality, including coloured diamonds to make their creations. A very high margin is also applied to such unique jewellery, but the quality of the diamonds used allows it to be considered investment jewellery within a quarter of a century.

We also offer you the possibility of creating such unique investment jewellery, but we do not impose such high margins on it, which allows us to achieve a very significant increase in the value of this jewellery as early as in a few years. Of course, when creating it, we use investment diamonds, especially coloured, but also colourless diamonds of exceptional size and parameters. We also use other unique and valuable precious stones to make these creations, but what distinguishes us is the fact that in our company, at least 80% of the precious stones used in making such a product are diamonds, with unique investment diamonds accounting for at least 50% of the stones used. Among other things, these factors and precisely selected investment diamonds with specific parameters and values allow to achieve a very large increase in the value of this jewellery already in the medium term. Additionally, we create only unique and limited copies. The jewellery is personalised, thus adding an additional value to the ennoblement and radiance of the person wearing such items.